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Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) Telecom is the Network Operator for LeverettNet.

HG&E has provided Internet and private data services to local companies throughout five area cities since 1998. The Leverett Municipal Light Plant (LMLP) contracted with HG&E for Project Manager services during the construction of LeverettNet. The LMLP and HG&E thereafter negotiated an Inter-Governmental Services Agreement to provide Network Operator (NO) services for LeverettNet.

Pursuant to the Inter-Governmental Service Agreement between the LMLP and HG&E, the Network Operator:

  • continuously (24/7/365)remotely monitors the performance of LeverettNet equipment from the “middle-mile” access node fiber interconnection to the MBI/Axia network through the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) attached to each subscriber’s premise, using existing HG&E systems and the LeverettNet Calix Management System;
  • takes appropriate and timely corrective action in the event that any equipment within the scope of this agreement is not functioning properly;
  • performs troubleshooting, repair or replacement, with hardware provided by the LMLP, for access node equipment and ONTs;
  • continuously (24/7/365) remotely monitors environmental conditions of the network equipment areas within the Point-of-Presence (POP) buildings, including grid power, HVAC, generator sets, temperature, smoke, humidity, and door entry;
  • orders, installs, provisions, monitors, maintains, and bills the LMLP for lit “middle mile” ethernet service from MBI/Axia to pro.ide connectivity to the LeverettNet Internet Services Provider (ISP);
  • produces monthly statistical data on network health and traffic optimization to the LMLP, inclusive of throughput, latency, packet loss, jitter and top-talkers information;
  • provides priority service to public safety organizations, with 24 x 7 x 365 telephone support to the LMLP and dispatch services to appropriate responders;
  • coordinates as appropriate with the ISP on resolution of network access issues, to ensure timely resolution and accurate communication by the ISP to subscribers.

The Network Operator is not responsible for:

  • Provisioning, troubleshooting, or maintenance of end-user (subscriber) services, and fielding calls from end-users;
  • Provisioning, troubleshooting, or maintenance of end-user devices and equipment, and fielding calls from end-users.

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