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OTELCO is the Internet Services Provider (ISP) for LeverettNet.

Internet and telephone service rates are set in a master agreement between OTELCO and the Leverett Municipal Light Plant (LMLP). Current ISP rates are as follows:

  • Internet only: $23.40/month, for access to 1Gps (one gigabit per second) symmetrical (upload and download) network speed, with no data cap *
  • Telephone only: $23.40/month, for full-featured phone service **
  • Combined Internet and phone: $38.40/month
  • Email accounts (POP and IMAP), up to 5 per Subscriber, at 5GB minimum storage per account, with domain name Included in Internet subscription.

In addition to ISP rates, subscribers are billed for LMLP operating costs. The current LMLP charge is $51.00/month, regardless of type of service. Subscribers with more than one phone line should request all phones to be billed on one invoice, to avoid a separate MLP charge. Subscribers with more than one Internet account will be billed an MLP charge for each account.

* Each subscriber has a 1Gbps Active Ethernet connection with shared access to the 2Gbps “middle mile” bandwidth established by the Network Operator to the Service Provider, with no data cap. Dynamic IP addressing by default, using carrier grade DHCP server. Static IP address option, upon Subscriber request.
** Includes: unlimited calling to  50 states plus Extended domestic ; calls outside the 48 states billed at published International rates; call waiting; caller ID; caller name ID; voicemail; call forwarding; call forwarding busy, do not answer, and fixed; enhanced call forwarding do not answer; caller ID blocking and unblocking; message waiting indication (stutter tone); 411 directory service.
 Legally-mandated taxes are added to ISP telephone rates.

In an effort to protect you from expensive international toll fraud, international calling is initially automatically blocked from your phone as a safeguard.  Lifting this block is easy and effective.

If you would like to unblock International Calling, please complete the waiver form.  If you have questions, please call OTELCO at 833-683-5261

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