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Path Diversity & Automatic Ring-Protection for LeverettNet

LeverettNet now has 2 middle-mile uplinks, with automatic fail-over protection from the primary path (Crown Castle) to the back-up path (MBI).

Path diversity between LeverettNet and the Internet provides resiliency and reliability for the whole network. Automatic fail-over means the network switches to the back-up path if the primary path fails, without manual intervention.

Path diversity and automatic ring-protection was activated December 1, 2020, by HG&E, Network Operator for LeverettNet. The project design, planning, testing, and implementation was a nearly 8-year effort. The system also involves an inter-municipal agreement with Shutesbury’s Municipal Light Plant. This means the path diversity and ring-protection protect their network as well.

Benefits and Challenges of Regional Broadband

Achieving middle-mile route diversity and redundancy. Towns can work together to develop regional networks and make internet service more reliable for their constituents even if their last-mile builds occur at different times. Case in point: Leverett and Shutesbury, Massachusetts.